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Cottage and Children
Santiniketan Sishutirtha aims at providing child care for 50 children. To meet these objectives another 3 cottages are to be constructed.
To build three cottages in all for the present, a sum of approx. Rs.24,00,000 is required. Running expenditure will be about Rs. 50,000 per month per unit.

Kitchen Garden, Poultry and Dairy
Santiniketan Sishutirtha plans to grow vegetables for daily consumption of its residents with the help of the children and staff in the Kitchen Garden. Similarly, it plans to be self sufficient with its own poultry and dairy, which also help the society to earn some money.

A humble beginning has been made with available paltry resources in the form of a small Kitchen Garden.

To continue this project on a larger scale, it is required that building up of structures and purchase of chicks etc. are taken up immediately. To start this project a sum of Rs.5,00,000 will be required initially for building up of structures and purchase of chicks and cattles.

A Playground requires to be provided. The present land acquired by the association is very undulated and it requires proper levelling. The cost involved is about Rs.1,00,000.

Vocational Education
Vocational Education serves more than one purposes. It is creative, helps self-expression, at the same time prepares children for earning a living. We therefore, have Silkscreen printing, Carpentry, Weaving, etc. as our vocational education. We desire to enhance the Scope of Vocational education in future because it is so useful. To improve vocational education unit we require approx Rs.15,00,000.

Medical unit
The medical unit will have to start functioning as early as possible. To start with basic medicines will be arranged. Gradually a full time doctor, a nurse a helper will be provided to run the unit full time. This Medical unit will look after the health problems of the two villages also. Construction cost of such Unit, a sum of Rs.8,00,000 is needed.

The School children
Three of the children have been promoted to Class IX. Owing to the absence of High School here at Sishutirtha, they are at present admitted to a High School about 5 kilometres away. Soon other children will be eligible for higher classes and will face the same difficulty. We therefore need to upgrade the School already running into a High School for both our children as well as other needy students from neighbouring villages.

We require your generous help without which we will not be able to continue with the plans taken up for continuous betterment of the children as well as the neighbourhood as a whole. Kindly visit our "Appeal" section where we have quantified our requirements.

Santiniketan Sishutirtha is a registered charity association in West Bengal, India. Registration No. S/61333.