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The Children and their routine
There are 10 boys and 10 girls. They all come from very poor families mostly from nearby villages within the radius of 15 Kilometres. All of them are destitute orphan children. The children were taken on the recommendations of the village council (Panchayet) after signing a contract between the guardians and Sishutirtha.

On week days the children get up early in the morning, sit for a prayer where they sing a song and sit quietly for two to three minutes facing the rising sun. Then they have a light breakfast, do a little bit of cleaning and gardening. After this they wash and go to school. During tiffin time the children come back for tiffin and go back to school again.

After school the children come back for lunch and rest. Some of them use the rest hours for different hobbies. In the afternoon the children go for games. After the games they meet for another prayer after tea. Part of the evenings are spent for singing lessons. Best part of the evening is spent doing home work and craft. They retire after dinner.

Once in a while they have socials where they recite poems or read out creative writings or perform dance and singing. They also stage a number of plays. They are encouraged in paintings, clay modelling, and other crafts. They stage play, celebrate 'Tree Planting ceremony', 'Spring Festival', 'Founders day' etc.

The children at Santiniketan Sishutirtha get full meal as well as all other necessities and amenities.

1] Amal Kutir about 1400 sq.ft for Office, Music Room, Coumputer Center
2] Sunil Kutir about 1000 sq.ft for Girls
3] Ila Kutir about 600 sq.ft for Elder Boys
4] Swapan Kutir 1000 sq.ft for Boys
5] Suman Kutir 1100 sq.ft for Ceramics, Silkscreen Printing

School Buildings
1] Primary school building of about 1600 sq.ft
2] Building housing the Library and Handicrafts Section of about 800 sq.ft

A Kitchen and Dining Space of about 1000 sq.ft have been constructed with the help of fund received from Sri Kanti Bhai. The Dining Space also acts as an open Hall where the cultural programmes are held.

There are at present two mothers, one Honorary Administrative Staff Member, an Assistant, a Cook and a part-time Help.

Basic Infrastructure
Well, two hand pump, one low capacity submersible pump and two concrete water tank have been constructed for uninterrupted supply of water for the inmates. 6 acres of land have been fenced with barbed wire. A 3-phase 25K/v transformer with 3-phase connection provides power. There are internal mud roads and three culverts to connect internal road. Street lights and sanitation facilities have been set up. Cycles allow them to go to nearby locations. Sishutirtha has its own car for other conveyance requirements.

There is a bakery in which breads are baked at times by children.

Pond and Fishery
With the help of Ruppur Gram Panchayet, we have been able to dig a pond in our premises. We intend to start fishery and our children are learning swimming and we have a water body.

Santiniketan Sishutirtha is a registered charity association in West Bengal, India. Registration No. S/61333.