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The School
The arrangement for the school is divided in three parts.

As we have not been able to arrange for fund for the salary of teachers - the primary school is run by the West Bengal Govt. on our land and in our building. The inauguration programme was graced by the presence of Sri Somnath Chatterjee, the ex-Speaker of Indian Parliament. The school is in operation since 2004. From Primary School, it was upgraded to Middle School (upto class VIII) in the year 2005.

We run the middle school [class v to viii]. The new school was inaugurated by Sri Somnath Chatterjee, Hon'ble ex-Speaker, "Lok Sabha", Parliament of India, with Sri Sujit Kumar Basu, Vice-Chancellor, Visva Bharati. We have appointed part-time teachers to teach some subjects and we teach the rest.

Again our children go to a nearby High School for classes IX to XII.

Teaching techniques

The teaching techniques are for the most part traditional, following a standardised curriculum in the school. The children have some library time every day and once a week are shown educational videos of all types. In addition, the children are taught singing, dancing (mostly Folk and Tagore-styles), taking care of pets, gardening, painting and pottery. The teachers of the school receive formal training from the West Bengal Board of Education.

Additional support to children (Meals, Educational materials and Health Care). The Government provides mid-day meal to the children of the school, all necessary educational materials (books, pens, etc.), and clothing for children when necessary, and of course health care. The school provides all vaccinations and on-going medical care expenses for all the children of the school.

Caring for individual students
Compared to other government schools, the program offered by Santiniketan Sishutirtha provides more attention to individual students. In the school, children have a happy life - full of varied exposure. Vocational training along with academics is given. Rich cultural experience is carefully designed for the children.

This includes a growing library collection. In addition, the school provides vocational training to the children which the government school does not provide. Along with academic subjects, emphasis is given on Singing, Dance, Drawing, Pottery, Weaving, and Carpentry. Tailoring and Book Binding have been started. Sishutirtha has begun a Computer Training Module as a part of its vocational training.

Each child will be monitored carefully to ascertain his strength - so that he can be encouraged to grow in that direction.

Santiniketan Sishutirtha is a registered charity association in West Bengal, India. Registration No. S/61333.